Expo Milano

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The Spaccavento farm participated to EXPO Milan thanks to the association of municipalities "Heart of Puglia" with the purpose to enhance the excellence of our land.
In October we were again invited to Expo Gate Milan for a day dedicated to Molfetta's flavors. Many visitors for a global showcase. For a small farm like us this is the culmination of a dream. Be among the best it fills us with pride and motivates us even more to do well. Our country has huge potential from agro-alimetare perspective. In a global market where everyone is equal, where we all eat the same food the Spaccavento's garm is involved in the promotion of local and regional products. Using the short chain and KM zero or directly into our farm shop (but also using the web) we try to meet our customers and explain the charateristics of our fruits (in some cases made only in our territory) and how we cultivate what you eat

Italian festival Oils Monovarietal

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San Benedetto del Tronto. Also this year Spaccavento's farm was invited to the festival organized Assam Marche that enhances the best oils Monovarietal . So many Italian varieties. It 's always a pleasure to compete with the big Italian manufacturers to increase our desire to do well despite the many accolades.
The National Festival of mono-varietal oils wants to highlight the heritage Italian olive and the particular characteristics of local varieties using the mono-varietal oils. It is not a competition, as there are many national and international level, to assess the best oil and more harmonious, but he wants to make a contribution to the characterization of the single variety oils obtained from the numerous Italian native varieties, in which characters chemical and organoleptic related to genetic heritage are to harmonize with climatic characteristics of the territory in which the same varieties are to be inserted centuries years ago. These oils are not comparable, and their appreciation is often dependent on consumer taste and the ability to use them in conjunction with this or that dish. Every variety, from the north to the south of Italy, has its own peculiarities (smells, tastes, acid composition and phenolic), very positive in some respects, less for others, but all still apply in their specific growing environment, in which area should be promoted and enhanced. The mono-varietal oils represent a starting point for the chemical and sensorial characterization of the product; once you understand their potential, can be emphasized in purity, trusting in their peculiarities, or in mixtures declared, with proposals for a "blend", to define the various types of oil that meet the needs of a dynamic market in continuous evolution.

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