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Since its first release in April of 1999, the magazine Zafferano(Saffron) has quickly become a must for all professional and amateur cooking enthusiasts, catering and food culture The magazine comes out every a specific theme, a subject, a food. Authoritative industry experts and fans write and send their articles to the editor, which then chooses the most relevant and interesting. The result each time a reading comprehensive. The Spaccavento's farm has been reviewed by the prestigious magazine has dedicated an article to our extra virgin Coratina. The green gold of Puglia is a healthy condiment with various positive attributes for human consumption. Its low acidity and its significantly greater polyphenols represent only a portion of the oil good extravergine

ExtraLucca festival Oils

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Terred'Olio 2016, a book of local culture that celebrates the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and exalts the most beautiful places of our beautiful country. The new edition, published by Publisher and Maestrod'olio presented Feb. 12 in Lucca (near Florence) national premiere during the award ceremony of Maestrod'olio crowns, the highest Academy award for the best productions freshly pressed, was changed to a large extent with 'adding annotations, tips and advice, bringing this volume to become a guide for fans who want to find the oil freshly pressed and a manual from which unravel the secrets and benefits of extra, making it a real book consult.

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Our company produces fruit and vegetables throughout the year. We sell directly a little part of our production.


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